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Ella Elman
Ella ElmanOwner, head chef and meal-planner in chief
Bianca Gomez
Bianca GomezPersonal chef
Larissa Severson
Larissa SeversonPersonal chef
Laurie Trettel
Laurie TrettelPersonal chef
Tyler Aldridge
Tyler AldridgePersonal Chef
Chelsea Fechtner
Chelsea FechtnerPersonal Chef

We are specialists in therapeutic cooking. The Secret Ingredient has been serving the needs of people with health challenges, special diets and food sensitivities since 2012. From breakfast to dessert, we can make delicious meals for all kinds of needs.

We work with many health issues and special diets including low carbohydrate, paleo, candida, vegan, low FODMAP (SIBO), autoimmune, GAPS, SCD and others. Our most important objective is to honor the specific restrictions of each of our clients and help them to heal! That is why we are trusted by and work with doctors and nutritionists in the Seattle area.

The Secret Ingredient serves the greater Eastside and Seattle areas. Owner and personal chef, Ella Elman, founded the business after she started living the Candida free lifestyle in 2011. Her goal and the goal of the company is to help people heal their bodies through healthy food choices.

We offer nutritional coaching, meals, cooking lessons, new recipes and proven advice specifically tailored to each client’s needs. We also work with naturopathic, functional medicine and other health care providers to offer support for their patients during the healing process.Please contact us for more information about how we can help you!

Email us or call: (425) 200-5379.