Coronavirus update – March 2020

Dear Secret Ingredient family,
During this time of crisis, I wanted all of our past and future clients to know that we are still here for you! About six months ago, I started renting space in a commercial kitchen in Redmond to cook for our off-site clients. As it turns out it was a great idea! At this time, we are moving to cooking for all of our clients from our commercial kitchen and delivering to your door (without ringing the doorbell!).

Our kitchen is a private facility without access to the public. It is inspected by the health department multiple times per year and is sanitized all day long, as per health department regulations.

For those of you with chronic illnesses, dietary restrictions, special diets and food allergies, choices for dining out have always been limited. With the current situation, it is difficult for many people to even get groceries as all on-line time slots are filled and stores are empty.

We are here for you if you need us! We will, as always, bring a week’s worth of delicious, home cooked meals custom made for all of your needs and restrictions.

Please email if you have questions:

Stay safe and healthy out there and wash your hands!!


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