Weekly Preset Menu2020-07-21T23:03:08+00:00

We will soon be offering meals from a weekly preset menu to be delivered in Seattle, the Eastside and other areas.  These meals will be offered through a third party platform. Please be aware that there is a limited service range for the preset menu delivery. If you are looking for our personal chef delivery service area, please go to the personal chef page

Our weekly present menu will be supporting the following diets:

  • low FODMAP (Mondays)
  • paleo (Wednesdays)
  • AIP paleo (Wednesdays)
  • vegan (Mondays)

We will be offering delivery for low FODMAP and vegan on Mondays and paleo and AIP paleo on Wednesdays, with orders closing two days prior to give us time to plan, shop and prepare the meals.

Please be aware that these meals are not customizable. If you need custom meals designed to your needs and preferences, please contact us about our personal chef services.