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Our Services

The Secret Ingredient serves the greater Eastside and Seattle areas.

We are specialists in therapeutic cooking. The Secret Ingredient has been serving the needs of people with special diets and food sensitivities since 2012. From breakfast to dessert, we can make delicious meals for all kinds of needs.

We work with many health challenges and special diets including weight loss, low carbohydrate, diabetes, Whole 30, paleo, candida, vegan, low FODMAP (SIBO), autoimmune (including Hashimoto’s), GAPS, SCD and others. Our most important objective is to honor the specific restrictions of each of our clients and help them to heal! That is why we are trusted by and work with doctors and nutritionists to offer support for their patients during the healing process.

We offer private chef services, cooking lessons, new recipes and proven advice specifically tailored to each client’s needs. Please see our offerings below for more information about how we can help you!

Ella, we love your service, attention to detail and the kindness and caring personality of both you and Maxine. Thank you so much for making our lives easier. We love having healthy and delicious food to eat while Dave can take a break from cooking. Dave and I really appreciate it. Thank you for all that you do!
Heather and Dave D.
Unbelievably delicious. Especially considering the challenges of what you had to omit! Not noticeably missing anything! Incredible!!!!!
Cheryl L.
Ella thank you so much for the meals. Everything tastes soo good. I am not creative enough to have come up with anything near as good as what you have. I am very excited to eat this week 🙂 Thanks!
Laticia K.

Our “Personalized Meals” Program is our most popular offering. Our packages are designed to provide about a week of lunches and dinners.

All packages include:

  • In-home cooking by chefs trained to meet your dietary needs
  • Personalized menu planning for each visit
  • We can provide a detailed shopping list or do the shopping for you
  • Monthly, bi-monthly, weekly and bi-weekly visits are available, with flexible schedules to fit your needs

Below are our 2018 rates

  1. Call us, email or fill out the contact form. We will figure out your needs and schedule a visit.
  2. If you have multiple food sensitivities, we will ask for a complete list for our records.
  3. Once we receive your information, we will go over everything and come up with a sample menu.
  4. We will email you our menu ideas and work out a menu based on your feedback.
  5. If you would like to do the shopping, we will send you a detailed list a few days in advance.
  6. If you would like us to do the shopping, we will purchase the groceries and come to your house at the agreed upon date and time.
  7. We will cook your meals in your kitchen and package them in containers if you prefer.
  8. We will clean the kitchen and leave it looking just like we found it.
  9. A few days after the visit, we will send you a brief survey to get your feedback on each dish and the visit itself.
  10. We invoice using a very simple to use, electronic invoicing system and accept both credit cards and bank payments.

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to help our clients heal and lead healthier lives through a better diet. We accomplish this by honoring our clients’ specific food restrictions and providing them with delicious food.
Our philosophy is simple:

  • Professional and reliable service
  • Affordable prices
  • Healthy, delicious food made from real ingredients
  • Make your life simple – we take care of all the planning and details for you
We will:

  • Understand your dietary restrictions and preferences
  • Design a custom menu for you each visit
  • Come to your house and cook your meals
  • Leave you with packaged meals and a clean kitchen

You are covered by our good food guarantee:
If we made a mistake and there is a problem with your food, we will fix it.

Individual Meal Plan

$225 per visit
  • $16/meal on average, including groceries and taxes (not including shopping fee)
  • Three different dishes
  • Designed to provide meals for about a week for one person
  • $30 optional shopping fee
  • Price of groceries not included

Couples Meal Plan

$250 per visit
  • $14/meal on average, including groceries and taxes (not including shopping fee)
  • Four different dishes
  • Designed to provide meals for about a week for two people
  • $35 optional shopping fee
  • Price of groceries not included

Family Meal Plan

$300 per visit
  • $13/meal on average, including groceries and taxes (not including shopping fee)
  • Five different dishes
  • Designed to provide meals for about a week for three people
  • $40 optional shopping fee
  • Price of groceries not included


Recipe Development

If you are on a new diet and would like some fresh ideas, we can help you with simple, delicious recipes that will jazz up your meals. Please visit our nutritional coaching page for more information and we will have you back in the kitchen in no time!

baby feet

Prenatal and Newborn Meal Support

The first months taking care of a newborn are a wonderful but particularly demanding time for everyone in the family. We can help make life easier by supporting your whole family with wonderful meals, tailored just for you. We will come to your house twice a week, once a week or at your convenience to cook in your kitchen and leave you with enough food for three to four days. There is no need to get takeout or rely on friends or relatives for meals. Please contact us for more information.

gift certificate

The Perfect Gift

A gift certificate from The Secret Ingredient is the perfect gift for new parents or anyone who loves a good meal! Contact us for more information.

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